How To Not Lose At Poker

If you are new to playing poker, then you will want to read further to find helpful tips that will help you play like a professional. First and foremost, it is important to know the rules of the game. It is also very important to understand the ranking of the hands, and understand when you are on top versus being on the bottom.


If you have not learned the ranking of hands, then do not sit at a table where you will play with real money. Instead, try playing a few friendly hands of poker with friends or family until you have gained complete understanding of ranking and positions.


Try reading each player for their tell tale sign during games; some people may avoid eye contact, smile, or their eyes may light up when they are holding a good hand. Just keep a close eye on your opponents and you will find there giveaway action over time. Remember you also have an action that helps your opponents read your hand; so keep your composure while you are at the table.


When you place a bet it is wise to bet low in the beginning. Allow time for the game to unfold before you play like you have the winning hand. Make sure you anticipate what cards the other players at the table are holding, and know when to fold your hand.


It is very helpful to learn the odds and play according to them. This will help you play a more calculated hand versus an emotional hand. Most importantly, only play poker when you are feeling good. This will help ensure you are thinking clearly, and you will increase your chances of winning.


As much as you may want to, do not bluff too often. Instead, play your hand when you have one, and fold your hand when you do not. It will take some time to get better, but as long as you play often you will get better with each hand. If you know someone who plays poker online very well, then consider playing a few hands with them and asking questions.

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